Breast modelling

Modelling (mastopexis) allows for improvement of appearance of sagged breast which may be innate or result of pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight loss or age.The purpose of modelling is upward transfer of breast tissue and shape firming. Tissue (except skin) is neither added nor removed. Therefore the breast size remains the same. The papilla also moves upward and may be reduced by the modelling.There are different methods of breast modelling. The method is determined by the size, shape aIf you want your breast to be firmed, uplifted, shaped and enlarged at the same time, then modelling may be combined with implants in a single intervention. This is possible unless you require too large augmentation or unless your breast is too sagged.In the case of the requirement of a radical enlargement or in the case of heavily sagged breast the augmentation with implants is recommended to be performed after six months to one year from the modelling. This will result in a better resulting shape and more permanent effect of the operation.All these methods are offered by our clinic and the best one for you will be recommended in the preoperative consultation.