Tummy correction

Decrease in skin elasticity after pregnancy period or a loss of weight may result in loose and sagging skin in your lower abdomen. In addition, the abdominal muscles split apart so the patient cannot achieve a flat-shaped belly although they exercise.

Therefore the objective of the procedure is trimming of this skin excess and correction of the split of the abdominal muscles. During the surgery the abdominal skin is tightened and excessive skin trimmed. The resulting transversal scar in the lower abdomen area is usually hidden in the knickers and there is also a tiny scar around the navel which has to be lifted after the skin has been tightened.

The surgery is preceded by a detailed consultation with the surgeon who explains positioning of the scars, potential risks of the procedure and the postoperative process.

You will need preoperative examination which includes blood tests, ECG and evaluation of the state of your health. This examination will be performed by your GP, or it will be provided by our clinic. One week before the surgery it is necessary to stop taking any medicines such as Acylpyrin, Aspirin, Mironal which impair blood coagulation.

The patient is admitted to the clinic on an empty stomach between 8 - 9 a.m. on the day of surgery. It is not allowed to eat or drink anything since the midnight. Bring with you the preoperative examination results, nightclothes, slippers, toiletries. Do not bring any jewels and valuables to the clinic.

The surgery may take about 2 hours. You will stay at the clinic for 2 days on average and you may bring an accompanying person to stay with you. Please arrange that somebody drives you home on your discharge from the clinic as it is not advisable to drive a car. Bandages are replaced at the clinic usually in one week. If you decide to spend this convalescence period in Karlovy Vary, the staff of our clinic will arrange accommodation for you.

Cosmetic surgery is not covered by health insurance policies and the sickness note cannot be issued. You will be able to return to work after about one week following the surgery.

It is necessary to wear a special elastic belt for four weeks after the surgery and sports should be avoided for two months.

The scars must not be exposed to the sun /not even in solarium/

 All complications are prevented during the preoperative preparation; some may occur very rarely, but they can never be completely ruled out before the surgery. Also the scar quality cannot be fully guaranteed beforehand, as this depends on the particular healing type of each individual. It is impossible to provide a 100% guarantee regarding the surgery result. The statistics worldwide state 5 – 10% of complications. As a result of these a corrective surgery may be necessary.